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Hall Ambulance Service
Employee Recognition Awards
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Situational Analysis

Employee recognition is a hallmark of the culture at Hall Ambulance Service, Inc. established early on by our founder, Harvey L. Hall.

Each February, (in and around the Company’s founding date of February 10, 1971) Hall Ambulance’s 470 employees come together, over the course of two days, as we bestow 114 awards across 34 categories and over $12,000 in monetary gifts to celebrate their success.

In addition, Hall Ambulance also honors those employees who have achieved long-term service milestones. Five year employees receive a wood plaque, engraved pen/pencil set, serving since name bar, and service stripe. Ten-year employees receive their portrait on the 10-year honoree wall in the administration lobby, men’s gold watch or ladies diamond earrings, service stripe and service stars. 15-year employees receive a $1,200 travel certificate and service stripe. 20-year recipients receive a Rolex watch, service stripe and double stars.


The purpose of the Employee Recognition Awards is to honor those employees who achieve performance excellence in their respective division. Secondarily, the celebration helps to inspire other employees who can see firsthand what their coworkers have achieved. Friendly competition is a positive motivator!
The concept is that it takes every one of us cumulatively to be able to respond and provide the exemplary service that Hall Ambulance is known for.

Planning & Implementation

Employee performance and data information was collected over the course of the year by each division manager. Award categories were developed where measurable performance results could be counted.
In January of each year, the data is tallied to determine the various award recipients.
The event features an awards show style atmosphere complete with a branded stage backdrop, lighting, and sound.


This year, Hall Ambulance bestowed 114 awards and $12,375 in monetary gifts stretched over two days of celebration to account for the various shifts. In addition, we honored 12 long-term service award recipients totaling 155 years of service.
Award Categories:

  1. President’s Award for Customer Service
  2. Founder’s Award for Management Excellence
  3. Paramedic of the Year
  4. EMT of the Year
  5. Paramedic Field Supervisor of the Year
  6. Relief Supervisor of the Year
  7. Ambulance Division Support Employee of the Year
  8. Field Training Officer of the Year
  9. Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year
  10. Hall CCT Ground Employee of the Year
  11. Hall CCT Air Employee of the Year
  12. Business Office Employee of the Year
  13. Hall Commercial Vehicle Service Employee of the Year
  14. Maintenance Department Employee of the Year
  15. Finance Department Team of Excellence
  16. Most Ambulance Responses by an Administrator
  17. Most Life Saves Award
  18. Exemplary Quality Surveys
  19. Commendations/Compliments
  20. Most Written Compliments
  21. Most Patient Compliments Submitted
  22. Excellence in Documentation
  23. Most Calls Completed
  24. Most Extra Shifts Worked
  25. Highest Number of Calls Dispatched
  26. Highest Call Taking Volume
  27. Highest Compliments Received in Dispatch
  28. Highest First In and Arriving With Statistics
  29. Fastest Call Assign Time
  30. Perfect EMD Scores
  31. Hall Commercial Vehicle Service Top Producer
  32. Perfect Attendance Achievers
  33. Long-term Service Award Recipients
  34. Hall Ambulance Stars of Life Honorees


Acknowledging an employee for a job well done demonstrates to them, their coworkers, and family, that Hall Ambulance is noticing their efforts whether it’s a paramedic recognized for 1,292 completed calls; an EMT who worked 129 extra shifts; an emergency medical dispatcher who dispatched 8,035 requests for medical aid; a paramedic field supervisor who has achieved 11 years of perfect attendance; or, a maintenance employee who has detailed 1,274 ambulances.

Further recognition is presented in the Company newsletter, The HallMark, which becomes a keepsake to be shared with their family members.

The true beneficiaries of this positive employee recognition are our customers. This is validated through the results of our Quality Survey. In 2017, 69% of respondents gave a perfect score, while 94% ranked the overall care they received as above average. The average survey score was 4.6 with 5 being “Exemplary”.


The cost to put on the Employee Recognition Awards (not including the long-term employee recognition items) is approximately $19,000 which includes the cost for the awards, monetary gifts, and the stage set-up and lighting.

URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mek7lmelhfoqu7l/HallMark-EmpRecognitionAwards.pdf?dl=0