CDO Squared, Inc.
CDO Squared, Inc.
  • 425 N. Martingale Rd Ste 1100 Schaumburg, IL 60173
  • (847) 310-3010
  • Booth #309

CDO Squared maximizes revenue realization for profit-minded EMS providers by connecting data, developing processes, and optimizing profitability. Through advanced technology in data integration, advanced analytics, and compliance, CDO Squared has become a leader in true revenue realization. And now with our new EMS-2 solution, the Velocity Index™, we help you measure the top 10 KPI’s (key performance indicators) associated with running a world-class organization. Designed specifically for commercial ambulance companies and municipal EMS organizations, the Velocity Index™ provides you with the feedback and data needed to help you drive greater revenue realization, profitability and compliance. Whether you use; Zoll-Rescue Net, Traumasoft, or TriTech, CDO Squared has the solution. EMS-2— truly an advanced, turn-key approach to increased profitability for the ambulance industry. Come to our booth and sign up for a free Velocity Index™ assessment.