2021 Advocacy Priorities

The AAA was established over 40 years ago to ensure ambulance service providers had a voice with federal lawmakers and regulators on Medicare and other federal policies impacting EMS. Over the years, the AAA has had numerous legislative and regulatory successes as a result, in large part, of the outreach of AAA members to their members of Congress.

AAA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tristan North will lead an interactive session to update attendees on the status of current legislative and regulatory priorities of the AAA and give them a direct voice in recommendations for priorities in 2021. Tristan will also engage and involve members of the audience on how they can further build relationships with their congressional offices and maximize their effectiveness to help the AAA, and in turn their operations, continue to be successful on Capitol Hill.

We encourage AAA members from seasoned grasstops veterans to political newcomers to participate in the session.

Advocacy Executive & Leadership