Being the Best—Prioritizing What REALLY Matters

EMS agencies often strive to be the “Best EMS Company” in their market. When asked how they define being “the best”, they often cite having the highest quality vehicles and the latest medical equipment. Nearly all EMS agencies will say that they have the best employees who are among the most skilled EMS clinicians. However, we generally never learn what criteria or measuring stick is used to make that determination. The reality, if you ask many EMS leaders to describe their best employees, they are less likely to highlight their clinical skill level but will instead focus on what the employee means to the team and how skillfully they navigate their coworkers and the workplace as a whole. During this session, we will discuss how successful organizations identify an employee’s core skill set, align that skill set with the organizational needs, and focus more on creating balance within the team rather than strictly their clinical or management ability. EMS organizations that build dynamic and diverse teams, will see greater success and will outperform their competitors.

Human Resources Operations