“”Everything’s Negotiable”—Practical Pointers for Rock-Solid Facility Contracts

Join Brian Werfel, Steve Wirth, and AAA President-Elect Shawn Baird as they give you the tools you need to negotiate better facility agreements that you won’t regret later.

In this must-attend practical skills workshop, attorneys Brian and Steve and provider Shawn Baird have teamed up to roleplay winning negotiation strategies with examples from actual facility contracts. They’ll first discuss their winning approach by outlining the five keys to a successful contract negotiation. Next, this trio will take a deep dive and discuss the five most important contract provisions you don’t want to mess up.  They’ll give you specific steps on how to “get what you want” by advocating the importance of compliance as a win-win for both the ambulance service and the facility.  You might even get the opportunity to participate in actual negotiations over typical facility agreement provisions in this unique and valuable session!

Compliance Executive & Leadership Operations