Creating a Culture of Quality

Over the past five years, AMT has focused efforts around a structured, data-driven quality improvement process to increase the survivability of cardiac arrests within our community. This session will take a look at how to create a culture of quality through community engagement, first responder involvement, crew education, and community recognition. The development of the Race to the Top program centered around building a bundle of care. This bundle of care has morphed into a stringent review process; significant data collection; implementation of data-driven, best care, and experience-based processes; joint co-training with key stake-holders; and community-response involvement. Walking through the development of this program will show where we started, how we got there, where we are today, and where we are headed all will addressing strengths and barriers found along the way. A culture of quality emphasizes the importance of joint responder co-training, completion of community and crew-giver recognition, the implementation of the quality versus operation overlap, and process changes based on data collection merged with evidence-based research.

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