Financial Statements for Ambulance Service Providers

Governor's C

This session will provide valuable information for both finance and non finance professionals with an overview of the financial statements for Ambulance Service Providers – including the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. We will discuss the key balances, variables, and ratios important to auditors, CPA’s, bankers, and lenders. We will discuss practical steps for educating your creditors about your unique business. We will also briefly review the “CPA” prepared options available as well as the benefits / relative costs of each type including “Audited”, “Reviewed”, and “Compiled” financial statements.

Whether you have been rejected for financing in the past, want to improve the cost of capital available to you, are anticipating having your first financial audit, preparing for implementing accrual accounting, or seeking to sell your practice – this session will have valuable insight into how your financials would be viewed by thirds parties – albeit potential buyers, bankers, or other creditors.