Finders Keepers? Pay-Per-Assignment Personnel

The public health emergency and numerous weather disasters, fires and MCIs have increased the need for pay-per-assignment personnel. Numerous ambulance companies offer ambulance strike teams using temporary ambulance/personnel deployments into devastated or overwhelmed EMS systems coping with tragedy. Pafford Medical Services has distinguished itself as an expert in EMS deployments responding to more than 18 since 2017. The company is currently deploying hundreds of personnel in the USVI. In this multi-media AAA session, Pafford Strike Team deployment expert Clay Hobbs and his deployment colleague, Jennifer Revels offer a realistic look at the operational, human resource, and logistical challenges of offering ambulance strike teams. The session also offers experienced insight regarding pay-per-assignment personnel and their abilities to immediately assimilate a new company culture and location and difficult living conditions depending on the assignment. This session also considers the start-up costs, payroll demands, and delays in receiving reimbursement for deployment services

Human Resources Operations