Marketing Special Event Medical Services

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Marketing Special Event Medical Services – Addressing Venue Manager and Event Producer Concerns

Venue managers who are pulled in a dozen different directions when securing crowd-drawing events for their facilities often consider contracting to satisfy an event’s medical standby insurance requirements as just a box to check. Incidences like the 1 October 2017 Mass Shooting at the Harvest Festival event in Las Vegas are poignant reminders of the mission critical and essential resource role your event medical crews play in crowd management, containing and treating the injured should violence occur and for managing the first aid needs of event participants and attendees.

This 50-minute multi-media presentation offers the unique perspective of Glen Simpson, AEMT who understands all too well the importance of addressing venue managers’ and event producers’ concerns. He is the director of special operations and the special events division manager for Community Ambulance in Clark County, Nevada. He was the on-site medical standby manager during the 1 October incident and has been lauded for his leadership and poise during such atrocity. Since the 1 October mass shooting and many other mass killings at outdoor fairs, at theaters and other large gatherings, Glen offers his impassioned advice including his top ten tips for insisting providers plan ahead, foster and maintain key relationships as well as other lessons learned after managing through the 1 October incident and dealing with a traumatized workforce in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

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