Make EMS Great Again

The social and political discourse in this country is as nasty as it has ever been. Every day we are bombarded with repeated messages on social and traditional media platforms of humankind’s
incivility or general lack of respect for one another. In EMS, our people have a front seat and bear witness to some of the most troubling of human behaviors and experiences. It should be no
surprise that we are finding that our employees are less resilient and leave the profession citing morale injury or “burnout”. I hear from many that the old days of EMS were amongst the
greatest. That the EMTs and Paramedics were super-human, and the job was fun and rewarding.

The reality, the job has changed, but not for the worse. The people have changed too but not as much as we profess. When we scratch the label off the “fake news” and critically look at the
current state of affairs, we see that it is merely the loud minority controlling the dialogue. The quiet majority is steadfastly performing amazing acts of kindness and displaying the true
meaning of professionalism. This light-hearted session is intended to remind us of how privileged we are, as EMS providers, to do the work that we do every day

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