The Morning After The Night Before | Post-Election Energizer

In last year’s general session, AAA Communications Chair Rob Lawrence broke the silence about 10 unspoken “Elephants in the EMS Room,” sparking a swirl of dialogue in Nashville. In 2020, this newly-Brexited Brit returns to the main stage in Vegas just hours after the Presidential election results will be delivered to our election-fatigued nation.

With his signature wit, Rob will chart a way forward for EMS leaders—whether 2021 will find us building a relationship with a new POTUS or remaining under the leadership of the current administration. As we all wake up to process the election results, Rob’s infectious energy will unite mobile healthcare’s Elephants, Donkeys, and Independents (and everyone in between).

Rise, shine, get out of your hotel room—and out of your social media echo chamber! Join Rob and your EMS colleagues of all political stripes for a fresh, funny, and inspiring discussion that will get everyone laughing… and galvanized to tackle the challenges of 2021 and beyond!

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