Brent Dierking

Director, NorthStar EMS, Inc.

Mr. Dierking started his EMS career in 1981 as a EMT-Basic and completed Paramedic training in 1982.  His work in private sector EMS prompted the University of South Alabama to engage him as an EMS Instructor and primary coordinator for specialty courses such as ACLS, PALS and ATLS.  During this time, Mr. Dierking worked as the project coordinator for the State of Alabama’s first EMS for Children.

Mr. Dierking left the world of academia in 1989 to return to private sector EMS.  Having served in multiple operational roles over the years, he held positions as the Vice President/General Manager for AMR operations located in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.  Additionally he served as AMR’s Regional Vice President for Business Development.  He was particularly known for his expertise with deployment practices and ability to reverse the course of underperforming business units.

Today, Mr. Dierking serves as a Director for NorthStar EMS, Inc., headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  He is responsible for providing multi-site EMS oversight and direction to meet performance standards based on short and long-term business strategies.  He works with the leadership team to continuously develop, implement, and enhance integrated operations in business development strategies to ensure NEMS’ competitive success in the local markets. He also ensures superior customer relations through regular visits with contracted and prospective clients while playing a key role in arranging and providing education, support and services that will contribute to the success of local community/business relations.

He is an author and frequent speaker on EMS topics.

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