Chris Anderson

Bell Ambulance

Director of Operations

Chris has been Operations Director for Bell Ambulance since March of 2008.

He became an EMT in 1999 and a paramedic in 2004.  His entire EMS career has been spent in Milwaukee, beginning with two years of full-time ambulance work, followed by various supervisory and management roles which led to his current position.  In this capacity, Chris oversees all aspects of the operation of the company, from licensed ambulance personnel, maintenance of the fleet and facilities, to supplies and equipment.  Chris enjoys working with other EMS leaders to further the interests of this unique industry.

Chris is the President of the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin, having first been elected to the board in 2011, where he strives to increase the quality of EMS in Wisconsin. In 2017, Chris was appointed by Governor Scott Walker to the Wisconsin EMS Board, where he was recently elected Secretary.

My Sessions

Frenemies to Friends

For years, Wisconsin’s professional firefighters and its non-municipal ambulance services were at odds, constantly fighting about one thing or another. Around 2010, with some new leaders in place on both sides, we realized we actually agree about 90% of the time, so if we worked together, we could accomplish much more for our industry and […]

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