Clay Hobbs

Pafford Medical Services

Chief Operating Officer

At Pafford EMS, Clay Hobbs oversees the company’s 125,000+ air and ground annual ambulance responses in Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma where the company operates. Clay is a business strategist having a keen eye on deliberate and reasonable company growth, identifying loyal and motivated managers for the company’s numerous operations. Hobbs’ EMS acumen and leadership stems from countless hours of hands-on experience in watching, listening and performing almost every single ambulance department’s task from dispatch to disaster coordination. Most recently in 2017, Clay Hobbs mobilized the company’s numerous Special Response Teams for hurricane and wildfire natural disasters in multiple states including the USVI. When on deployment, Clay Hobbs also communicates as often as possible with the company’s existing four-state operations’ managers to ensure uninterrupted 9-1-1 service in the company’s contract areas.

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