Dan Moynihan

Trinidad Ambulance District

Dan started in the EMS industry in 1975 as a dispatcher for the first ALS ambulance service to serve the Reno, NV area. Dan went on to become an EMT in 1977 and a paramedic in 1981. He worked on Cadillac ambulances when he started as a field provider. Dan went on to become a Field Training Officer and Field Operations Supervisor in the Pinellas County, FL system. He was a member of the Southern Region management team for AMR, helped to establish the EMS system in the Emirate of Qatar, and has been an EMS Chief and Chief Administrative Officer for several agencies. For the past 10 years, Dan has been the Chief of a countywide EMS agency in rural Colorado. Dan also spent decades involved in Law Enforcement and is currently a Deputy, Firearms Instructor and ERT Sniper for his local Sheriff’s Office. Dan is a partner in Dinosaur EMS Consulting.

My Sessions

EMS Leadership In Today’s Environment

This session will focus on lessons of the past and how they can be applied in today’s environment. While there have been many improvements in EMS and its delivery over time, there are still some proven approaches to leading an EMS organization that are tried and true with a little adaptation to the times. This […]

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