Donna Hankins

American Ambulance

Billing Office Director

Donna is the Billing Office Director at American Ambulance where she has been employed for more than 20 years. She oversees an office of 32 staff who bill emergency and scheduled claims.

Donna has served as the Payer Issues Chairperson of the California Ambulance Association (CAA) since 2013. She speaks annually at the CAA Annual Convention and works with providers across California to educate and guide them on reimbursement strategies.

My Sessions

VA Billing Strategies

Billing the Veteran’s Administration for reimbursement is a maze of rules and processes. This presentation will provide an overview of the VA billing structure, help you organize your claims, and provide strategies to your billing office staff.

Reimbursement & Finance

Billing Bootcamp: Strategize by Pay Source

Not all ambulance transports are the same. This quick session will be an overview of how to broadly categorize your ambulance service’s payers to develop strategies within your office for efficient reimbursement.

EMS Quick Takes Reimbursement & Finance