Jay Krafsur

The Krafsur Law Group

Managing Director

Jay is the founder of Catalyst Insurance, Limited, a member-owned captive insurance company for the nationwide medical transportation industry that is in its 15th year of operations.

Jay was a paramedic in Boulder, CO in the late 70s & early 80s before securing a law degree in Chicago in 1984.  Among other practice areas, Jay defended ambulance professional liability claims and lawsuits, and cases against emergency call centers.  While practicing law, he was also appointed to the Chicago Fire Department EMS Oversight Committee, and was a founding Board member of Boulder County Paramedics.

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The Captive Insurance Value Prop

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When an employer believes they can control risk better than their insurance company, that’s when captive insurance might be an ideal long-term solution. A “captive” is a Private Insurance Company (“PIC”) which is owned and governed by its owner, which most of the time is the business that is insured by the captive. Insurance does […]

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