Jeffrey Hammerstein

Wake County EMS

Assistant Chief, Community Outreach

Jeffrey Hammerstein is responsible for external communications for Wake County EMS.

Responsibilities include public information, outreach, education and visits by EMS; media information; and development and oversight of events and programs for community interaction and recognition.

Jeffrey began volunteering in the Wake County EMS System in 1985. He was employed by Wake County EMS in 1988, and has served as field paramedic, Field Training Officer and District Chief until moving into the Community Outreach Chief position created in January 2014.

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Growing EMS Through Diversity & Inclusion: Equity Starts with Uncomfortable Conversations Diversity among healthcare providers is a recognized mechanism to reduce disparities and advance health equity. However, the EMS workforce in the US is far from representative of the population served. Women and people of color are underrepresented among this critical healthcare workforce. Conversations regarding […]

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