Jennifer Revels

Pafford Medical Services

Director of Communications

Since 2003, Mrs. Jennifer Revels is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the Pafford Medical Services’ communications center and the processing of more than 18 counties’ thousands of annual requests for ambulance services in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. She is also responsible for planning for communications center efficiencies, directing Center employees’ initial and ongoing education and quality assurance practices.

Revels is certified by the International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD), and an EMD-Q, As so credentialed, she is certified to professionally interview emergency callers, offer lifesaving pre-arrival instructions and select and dispatch the closest and most appropriate ambulance resources. Jennifer also holds credentials as an Emergency Tele-communicator, and an Emergency Fire Dispatcher. Jennifer is also an American Heart Association Basic Life Support credentialed instructor.

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