Phillip J. Holowka

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Phil Holowka is the founder of medTRANS Insurance, Ltd., a member-owned captive insurance company for the nationwide medical transportation industry that is in its 9th year of operations.
Phil was a nationally registered paramedic in Pittsburgh, PA from 1991 until recently.

Phil graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS degree in Emergency Medicine, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Accounting from the University of Pittsburgh. Phil strives to
make an impact not only on the cost of health care delivery, but also on how ambulance companies can gain insights on medical reimbursements.

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The Captive Insurance Value Prop

Grapevine 2

When an employer believes they can control risk better than their insurance company, that’s when captive insurance might be an ideal long-term solution. A “captive” is a Private Insurance Company (“PIC”) which is owned and governed by its owner, which most of the time is the business that is insured by the captive. Insurance does […]

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