Thomas Leonards

Acadian Ambulance

Manager of Contracting & Customer Service

A thoughtful and critical thinker always looking for new perspectives. Striving to create value through a commitment to people, processes, and an observant perspective.

Holding both a Bachelor degree and a MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Louisiana. Having a focus on Healthcare Administration his career began in the Home Health industry as a Manager of Patient Monitoring with LHC Group and then eventually moving to Acadian Ambulance currently as the Manager of Contracting & Customer Service. Oversight & responsibilities include Insurance & Vendor Contract Management, Customer Service, Provider Credentialing, Air Billing, Commmercial Billing, and Business Analyst.

Having been born and raised in South Louisiana where respect and hard work are key tenets to life. It was always expected to challenge oneself to strive for growth & self-reliance. Work started at the young age of 13 in the rice fields of Crowley, LA all the way to today with a successful career in Revenue Cycle.

My Sessions

Customer Service: Capturing Revenue & Customers’ Attention

A review of current opportunities to grow your customer retention and revenue through Customer Service. Validating self-pay responsibilities: demographics & communications Strategies for layering workflows to benefit all stakeholders Satisfaction Surveys

Quick Takes Reimbursement & Finance