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Aarron Reinert

2024 Conference Speaker
Aarron Reinert

SafeTech Solutions LLC


Aarron is nationally known as a facilitator, master teacher and expert in EMS leadership, management, financial viability, system design and applied best practices in rural and small-town EMS systems. Aarron has worked in EMS for over 30 years and is the executive director and chief of EMS for a critical care ALS ambulance service in a suburban, rural and super-rural region of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Aarron understands the unique challenges facing small-town ambulance and first-response services. Using the tools of deep listening, facilitation and strategic planning, Aarron helps ambulance services, communities, boards, associations, counties and states build sustainable and reliable EMS that strikes the necessary balance between finance, customer service, employee/volunteer satisfaction and community awareness. Aarron’s recognized understanding of current EMS issues has led to his appointment as chairperson of the National EMS Advisory Council by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and election to serve as President of the American Ambulance Association. Aarron’s skillset and expertise are regularly in demand in his roles as facilitator, EMS management consultant and lecturer.

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