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Excellance Inc.

Excellance, Inc. was founded in 1975 by George F. Epps, Dot Humphrey, and Zeb Overstreet. Their mission was to design, develop, and manufacture a high quality, all aluminum modular ambulance in accordance with Federal Specifications KKK-A-1822.

Company Overview
Excellance is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of emergency vehicles in the world. From its inception, the company’s stated goal has been to produce the finest quality emergency medical and rescue vehicles available in the marketplace.ThreeGensExcellance

Excellance’s customer base includes those to whom money is no object (such as the royal family of Saudi Arabia) as well as those who can afford no more than one vehicle but want the best value for their limited budget (such as volunteer organizations). Excellance has also supplied over 150 units to Acadian Ambulance in Louisiana, the largest private service provider in the United States.

All vehicles are custom-built to our customer’s specifications. Working closely with the customer to provide exactly what will meet their needs has been fundamental to the company’s success.

Excellance vehicles cost more money than other units because building a high quality vehicle is labor intensive. The company is not making more money – it simply costs more to build a better unit. However, Excellance’s customers have found that they actually save money buying Excellance units, because they avoid excessive repairs and do not have to replace their units as frequently.