Ninth Brain
Ninth Brain
  • 2169 W. Vienna Rd. #124 Clio, MI 48420
  • Holly Taylor (888) 364-9995
  • Booth #317

Welcome to Ninth Brain’s profile. Please pick our Brain! And P.S. – stop by our booth for additional FREE drink tickets for the Welcome Reception!

We’ve wrapped our brains around one robust solution for your business. Our specialty? Software designed to evolve with the healthcare industry.

Ninth Brain Suite delivers all the tools you need — all in a single solution. It’s completely affordable, customizable, and well suited for emergency, fire, medical, or any other highly regulated business. Superb client support including training, webinars, and (gasp) real people!

Complexity simplified with tools such as:

– HR Record
– Verification Monitoring for license, sanctions and exclusions
– Credential Tracking
– Scheduling
– Education
– Training Tracker for ISO categories
– Accredited Library of Courses for EMS, Fire, Nursing, and Safety
– Central Calendar
– QI Tracking
– Forms & Checklists
– Communication Tools
– Resource Center
– Real-Time Reporting