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Amy Gnojek

2024 Conference Speaker
Amy Gnojek

Apex360, LLC

Amy has over 22 years’ experience combining all aspects of administration, finance, management and leadership for organizations in the first response, nonprofit, government, and healthcare sectors. Most recently she was CFO and Interim Co-CEO for one of the country’s most progressive EMS agencies. She is an active CPA, and applies her financial acumen with a leader’s brushstroke.

Amy sits on several boards and committees and is passionate about policy-making and advocacy in EMS. She was a recipient of the 2022 Government Finance Officers Association Hero Award.

“While I loved working for organizations as an executive for many years, I became passionate about the idea of helping more agencies succeed. I began to see a pattern in EMS and Healthcare and saw an opportunity to improve effectiveness and efficiency, fix understaffing issues, and greatly boost undertrained and overburdened administrative departments – even in the most clinically progressive and adept organizations. After some time away to do some further investigating of this perceived gap, I knew the opportunity had finally arrived. Within the year Apex360, LLC was born. I now have the pleasure to work with leaders, line staff, policy makers, and go-getters in the field, across the nation to improve these under appreciated yet critical functions.”

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