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From EMT To C-Suite: EMS Finance at Every Level

April 22, 2024
11:00 am –
11:50 am
Tennessee B

Financial information is too-often reserved for positions with a strong say in the money-making decisions in EMS. But there are a number of reasons why business acumen should be expanded out of the accounting department and shared with every member of an EMS service. By expanding the financial knowledge base, you create a number of key benefits for both your employees and agency. Encouraging staff to understand the financial “why’s” behind decision-making reduces stress, undue skepticism, and ultimately creates buy-in and support for the goals of the organization. This session will cover a number of key economic and financial topics important for all EMS providers to understand, from line staff to top level management, as well as why it’s important to view EMS with a “profit-friendly” lens.