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Robert McClintock

2024 Conference Speaker
Robert McClintock

International Association Fire Fighters

Director of Fire and EMS Operations

Robert is the Director of Fire and EMS Operations for the International Association Fire Fighters (IAFF) in Washington, DC, previously serving as the Deputy Director and Fire-Based EMS Specialist for the past eight years. Prior to starting his career with the IAFF, Robert retired as a Captain after a 25-year career with the City of Hackensack Fire Department. Over the course of his career with the fire department, he implemented a very successful Medical First Responder Program, Community CPR/AED program, and a school CPR/AED program for Hackensack, NJ. Robert also worked at MONOC, a paramedic agency in NJ, serving in the following positions over a 17-year career as an EMT, paramedic, 9-1-1 dispatcher, Communications Coordinator, and finally as the Operations Coordinator for the agency’s South Division. Robert has a baccalaureate degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. Robert remains highly motivated and committed to improving the field of EMS and assisting the EMS community to gain a higher recognition on the national level.

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