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Samantha Hilker

2024 Conference Speaker
Samantha Hilker

American Ambulance Association

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Samantha Hilker is a seasoned professional in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) field, currently serving as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for the American Ambulance Association. Samantha has dedicated herself to advancing the standards and impact of EMS for over 15 years. Armed with a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, Samantha brings a unique blend of academic insight and practical experience to her role. As a licensed paramedic, she has not only demonstrated her commitment to the well-being of others but has also excelled in the dynamic and high-pressure environment of emergency response. Samantha’s expertise extends beyond traditional paramedic duties. She has actively contributed to the improvement of EMS quality, specializing in project management and implementation. In a rapidly evolving field like EMS, Samantha Hilker is a dynamic professional, dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of emergency medical services and the betterment of the communities they serve.

My Sessions

3:00pm - 4:00pm
General Session: OSHA Proposed Rule
Tennessee CDE