Steve Wirth

Steve Wirth is a founding partner of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth. In a distinguished four-decade public safety career, Steve has worked in virtually every facet of EMS – as first responder, firefighter, EMT, paramedic, flight paramedic, EMS instructor, fire officer, and EMS executive. He was one of central Pennsylvania’s first paramedics. Steve brings a pragmatic and business-oriented perspective to his diverse legal practice having served for almost a decade as senior executive of a mid-sized air and ground ambulance service, helping to build the company from the ground up.

My Sessions

Five Fast Fixes to Improve Your EMS Documentation

Governor's C

There are many things that can be done immediately to help improve your agency’s patient care documentation – for both emergency and non-emergency ambulance services. This session will give you five practical steps that you can take home and implement right away that your crews will easily understand and support. These five documentation fixes will […]


Lunar Leadership– 8 Lessons From the Space Program That Will Rocket Your EMS Agenda to Success

Governor's D

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first landing of humans on another heavenly body. The greatest feat in the history of exploration happened through the focused efforts of 400,000 dedicated Americans who were part of the Apollo program of the 1960s. Making each mission a success became the personal mission of each person associated […]


Five Things You Can Do Now To Prevent a False Claims Act

Governor's B

False Claims Act investigations and lawsuits against ambulance services are at an all-time high and the penalties for an FCA violation are absolutely draconian. Whether your EMS agency is public or private, hospital-based, fire-based or independent, this will be an eye-opening session about the stark reality of this high level threat to your agency. Federal […]

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